20228824_10211798986187944_6154337416442839554_nTracie Hicks was born in August of 1973 in the small town of Taylorville, IL. She is the youngest sibling in her family. She is on her second marriage, which came to be on Halloween of 2004. She currently resides in Princeton, IL with her husband Bruce, a martial artist, and her three furbabies (cats), Patches, Lynx, and Spooky.

Tracie has worked with the public since she was 15 years old. Working at fast food restaurants, grocery stores, video rental stores, video games stores, customer service, and factory work. She even managed some rental properties. Having these type of jobs allowed her to study people, this creating realistic characters.

Tracie has had her own paranormal investigation group called the Christian County Ghost Hunters Society. She and her team investigated and helped those who suffered from paranormal activity. To this day she still collects and researches paranormal sightings in Christian County and Bureau County Illinois. Her research into the paranormal has given her insight into the world of horror and science fiction.

Tracie is a physically challenged person, who suffers from social anxiety, PTSD, and chronic depression. She was in a very abusive relationship that left not just emotional pain, but physical pain. Having these types of illnesses helps her to create characters that show a struggle and them overcoming this fight.

Tracie took it upon herself to return to school. She received two certificates from Stratford Career Institute. One in Creative Writing and another in Environmental Sciences. She attended the University of Phoenix, where she received her AA in Communications in June of 2014.  In August of 2014, she started at Southern New Hampshire University to obtain her BA in Creative Writing with a focus on fiction and screenwriting. Tracie rounded her education out by taking classes in journalism and social media.  She is currently at Southern New Hampshire University to obtain her Master’s in English and Creative Writing with the focus on fiction.

Why did Tracie choose creative writing? When she was younger, she won writing contests, but there was no one to urge her on. Now her body will not allow her to work like she once did, her mind still has creative thoughts geared towards the horror, science fiction, and fantasy realms. She has had these thoughts since she was a child but did nothing with them. To Tracie, this is her second chance to make something of herself, to show her true colors, and maybe help those, like her, on her way. She wants to live the American dream and turn her daydreams into stories for the world to read and enjoy.

Tracie is currently working on her first novel. A tale of a young girl and the horrors she must face alone. She is also going to release a collection of stories and poems that she wrote while in school. She is currently working on her next adventure, Mystical Night Media.